VLA DANCE is a Boston based collaborative contemporary dance company founded in 2019 by Victoria Awkward. Through performance, education and community advocacy, we at VLA DANCE have created a platform for the celebration and empowerment of underrepresented people. Our mission is to create freedom for people of all identities through contemporary dance.

We value and believe that dance should be utilized to move us towards freedom, justice and building sustainable life for people of all identities. VLA DANCE is at the forefront of a new dance company model: we bring together racially diverse artists, respect body image, hold space for a fluidity of gender identities, provide transparency in communication, uphold ethical company practices, and value the dancer as an integral part to the whole.

We are honored to be in residence at Roxbury's Hibernian Hall and at Boston Center for the Arts.

I grew up in a suburb of Massachusetts, where I was one of the only black people in my community. I was constantly undervalued and seen through the lenses of tokenization, microaggressive conversations, and flat-out racism. It was not until I went to college when I understood the value of spaces that were welcoming and accepting that I began to celebrate my identity as a black woman and the beauty and power that holds. These empowering experiences that changed my life inspired me to start a company that celebrates what each individual brings to the table. VLA DANCE is the diverse contemporary company I wish I had the opportunity to look up to as a young artist traveling into Boston to dance. 


- Victoria Lynn Awkward, Director of VLA DANCE



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