Hibernian Hall and VLA DANCE invite you to the premiere of ALIVE: a dance theater experience with immersive elements, live music, dance, theater, awe-inspiring visuals and costumes.

Sight, sound, and motion pull you into a world of excitement, joy, and triumph. With a cast of 11 performers, ALIVE will take you through the dreamy journey of Ayo as they follow their heartbeat.

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Writer | Haris Lefteri 

Director & Choreographer | Victoria Awkward

Administrative Assistants | Ashely Eng, Claire Lane

Soloist | Tabitha Hanay-Reaves

Dancers | Aliza Franz, Tabitha Hanay-Reaves, Ori Harris, Olivia Moon, Sarah Pacheco, Sasha Peterson, Theophile Victoria, Cassie Wang

Singer & Lead Actor | Desiré Graham

Live Musician | Cornell Coley 

Rehearsal Director | Sarah Pacheco

Composer | Aaron Brown

Costume Designer | Lena Borovci

Costume Assistant | Emma Hubert 

Technical Director & Light Designer | Asad Hardwick

Stage Manager | Ciera-Sadé

October 29, 2022
November 4 - 6, 2022