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Magnified Grass

Company Member
Value System

Presentation from 2022 Cultural Onboarding HERE.



Having an interest in the work of VLA DANCE, so that you can be an active participant.

Let's find the joy in expanding our perimeters, surprising ourselves with our personal growth, and meeting new versions of ourselves -- in the ways we think, dance, and live.

  1. Creative thinker: Can you play around with your perimeters? How do you keep the curiosity alive within?

  2. Self investigation: Our actions/in actions define who we are! 

  3. Personal problem solving: For example: If something feels difficult in class, is there a way you can ask questions to the instructor or your fellow classmates before giving up or falling back upon your default? 

Challenging The Default


Personal Empowerment: Even though we all face different levels of oppression/suppression, we all still have personal power to impact our work, community, and world. We will not misuse or ignore it.

Personal Empowerment


To push against the capitalist structure and present a new way to work both within and outside of the art field, we must have a driving persistence in our everyday tasks, a wild imagination, unwavering optimism, and a soft patience for the change to occur on the timeline that’s best for all voices involved. 

Fiery Patience



VLA DANCE Company Member Value System Brain Map
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