Next season we aim to amp our weekly class offerings in addition to our rehearsals from twice a week to four times a week. 

We hope to present an immersive show.

We will produce our second iteration of POLLEN connecting our contemporary dance world to the world at large

And we aim to bring in more workshops open to the public.

we did...

This year VLA DANCE made many first time accomplishments.

Our season budget grew from $20,000 to just under $60,000 enabling us to work with 40 Boston based artist. 10 of which had consistent opportunities to both train and perform in Contemporary Dance.

Join VLA DANCE in our end of year fundraiser and support our future by submitting a donation!

watch our progress below

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Please note that the above donation link goes to PayPal (receives 2.9% of donations). Tax-deductible donations can be made here through our fiscal sponsor - Boston Dance Alliance (receives 7% of donations). You can also make recurring donations through both sources.

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" quote from one of the dancers"

Hear more from our dancers and community members on our blog here.