Interested In Hiring VLA DANCE for your next event?

If you are interested in presenting one of our full-length works, please contact Victoria directly at victoria@vladance.comIf you'd like to hire VLA DANCE to perform at your event please continue reading for our rates and specifications before contacting Victoria at


$50/hour per instructor, traditionally one instructor per class for 1 - 2 hour classes


$30/hour per dancer (20 hr minimum) (amount of dancers is up to you)

$150/dancer for costumes and travel


As trailblazers we love to work with partners inside and outside the arts. Before submitting your inquiry please consider the following questions. These questions ensure the safety of our dancers and additionally help us to present the best work possible for your organization.

  • Is there a stage? If so what are the dimensions? Is it a proscenium stage or irregular?

  • Are we performing outside? If so, please ensure that the weather and ground is safe for dancers.

  • Is this a virtual performance? If so, are we performing live or pre-recording?

    • Please note for all virtual events​ you must supply a videographer, outside of VLA DANCE.

  • What is the theme of your event?

We look forward to working with you. Please email Victoria at