Designed by Mitzi Eppley,  VLA DANCE company dancer and costume designer, we are excited to announce the VLA DANCE Masks.


Created with input of Boston area surgeons and seamstresses, Mitzi's masks include three layers of fabric recommended by the CDC; 2 layers of cotton or cotton-linen and one layer of flannel (as electrostatic barrier). This means the mask is almost as effective as the N95 masks. Complete with an encased wire setting to comfortably fit over your nose and to minimize air leakage, these are highly thoughtful masks designed for your safety. 


 Each mask is gloved-hand-washed  in bleach-sanitized buckets with 365™ detergent. From there it is air-dried on sanitized drying racks. Then it is ironed, front and back, on high heat.

Each mask is $18 and all proceeds will go into supporting VLA DANCE's programming. Check out the store below to purchase your mask.

About the VLA DANCE mask pattern Floral Kiss Metallic is from the collection Airflow by Sasha Ignatiadou, a German-based artist and illustrator. The collection, "airflow’s, muse is plants and animals; Sasha believes that the patterns and imagery created by nature are often the most beautiful.” (source: Ruby Star Society)

More on Mitzi's Mask Click here to read an interview with Mitzi. If your business needs a bulk order of masks, click here to learn more.

Purchase masks here!