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Midday Movement Series Mentorship

Published 3/1/22

By Victoria L. Awkward

Victoria working with Marissa during a photoshoot with Stefanie Belnavis.

photo by stefanie belnavis/the diahann project

"Last fall, I began a new journey with Midday Movement Series as a Midday Mentored Teacher.
I originally started working with Midday as a class taker in 2018 frequenting classes by Michael Figueroa and then became a shuffle cohort teacher. I now work one-on-one with Midday Director Marissa Molinar to deepen my philosophies on my work both independently and with VLA DANCE.
It is such a generous gift to discuss with Marissa Molinar and to grow towards the most honest version of myself. The Midday Mentored Teacher position directly enables me to lead a company striving towards ethical practices and deep pervasive community impact. "
- VLA DANCE Director Victoria L. Awkward

VLA DANCE company member, Aliza working with Marissa in preparation for our most recent show, IN THE SPACE BETWEEN.

photos by anastasia sierra

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