ROLES: Administrators are also performers, tasks may shift as needed

Company Director

  • Directs programming and implementation

  • Directs development

  • Choreographs for weekly contemporary class

  • Leads rehearsals

  • Oversees apparel store

  • Meets weekly with manager and development & program lead 

Company Manager

  • Assigns tasks for other administrators on Monday.Com

  • Updates apparel store

    • Processes items​ 

    • Ships once completed

    • Updates all information to spreadsheets & WIX

  • Accounting

    • Weekly cash flow update​

    • Pay roll

  • Meets weekly with director and development & program lead 

Costume Director

  • Creates masks (a long list of tasks under this process)

  • Creates costumes for annual shows

  • Creates costumes/does adjustments for guest shows

  • Weekly once monthly with director, manager and development & program lead 

Development & Program Lead

  • Weekly meetings with director & manager

  • Assists director in outlining VLA programming

  • Assists director in communications with sponsors, partners & collaborators

  • Assists director in research pertaining to development and programming 

Grant Writer (contracted)

  • Helps to select appropriate grants for VLA DANCE

  • Writes and edits grants for VLA DANCE


  • Attends weekly classes & rehearsals

  • Participates in weekly research prompts around movement vocabulary and performance

  • Performs in shows

  • Attends photoshoots and filmming dates