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In The News

The Boston Globe

"Absolutely breathtaking! Really loved the use of the fabrics within the piece and how beautifully they used the space. Victoria's vision is just exquisite!"

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IN THE SPACE BETWEEN follows a soloist as they inspire their community to delve into their wildest dreams, and showcases a dynamic fabric set by Boston based architectural firm, NADAAA, extravagant handmade costumes by Mitzi Eppley and our costume team, light design by Elmer Martinez, and original music by Aaron Brown. Audiences will witness the dancers navigate from the monotone into a colorful disco-inspired world, as the dancers navigate reality, their dream world, and the uncomfortable spaces between. Learn more about this show and how it connects to the world around us via the companion journal POLLEN.

General Touring Specifications

  • 40 Minutes

  • 9 Dancers

  • 1 Wardrobe Team Member

  • 1 Lighting Designer/Board Operator

  • 2 Person Set Team

  • 1 Company Director

Touring Specifications for Set

  • 6 hours per install and uninstall

  • Depending on height of ceiling install can be with ladder, genie or catwalk

  • Set height can be adjusted for different ceilings

  • Attached to ceiling with standard c-clamp

  • Full set length is 27' from upstage to downstage

  • Created for both proscenium stage and black box theater

Touring Specs

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photo by melissa blackall

Director & Choreographer | Victoria Awkward

Company Manager | Michayla Kelly

Soloist | Aliza Franz

Performers |Tabitha Hanay-Reaves, Michayla Kelly, Olivia Moon, Fred Moss, Sarah Pacheco, Sasha Peterson, Theophile Victoria, Cassie Wang

Dramaturg | Iyun Ashani Harrison 

Rehearsal Director | Sarah Pacheco

Composer | Aaron Brown

Featured Vocalist | Capella Auriga

Costume Design & Director | Mitzi Eppley

Costume Shop & Wardrobe | Caitlin Canty, Laiba Azhar, Lucy Kania

Set Team | Arthur Chang, Christopher Battaglia of NADAAA 

Technical Director & Light Designer | Elmer Martinez 

Master Electrician/Board Operator | Andrea Sala


Soloist | Victoria Awkward

Performers| Mitzi Eppley & Adam Wertheimer

Set Team | Christian Borger 

Master Electrician | Jonathan Marius

Premier at Boston Center for the Arts with Boston Dance Alliance, June 17 - Jun 25, 2021

Second iteration at The Dance Complex @ Canal November 5 & 6, 2021

Collaborative Team

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photo by melissa blackall

"I loved the score. It was perfectly timed for the pacing throughout the piece. There were highs and lows and more 'jivy' rhythms and more tender rhythms. It all came together so well though! I especially liked that sort of remixes of Capella's poetry. Relatedly, I liked the structure or 'outline' of the entire thing in general. It was just really nice to see it come together, and it never felt like I was bored or confused, every piece just spoke to the next, and dancers played off of one another, it was awesome. Curtains! I LOVED that incorporation! It was so cool. Sometimes there were moments when the curtains were part of the piece, sometimes they were just background, but it was always perfectly incorporated - never intrusive or distracting, just a part of the dance."

"I've seen In The Space Between 3 times and each time it gets better! Victoria is a brilliant choreographer and her dancers are phenomenal. The movement between the dancers and the colors of their costumes and the overall set was all spectacular. I look forward to the next production!"

"Having seen the original version at the Boston Center for the Arts and the most recent version, I can surely say this was a bravura performance. The program was extended, deepened, and the costuming at the back end must be seen to truly appreciate how much it uplifted and enliven the overall production. This work by an emerging local choreographer should be supported by all who believe art is the representation of our soul speaking to us; be it through visual and/or performing art. Make sure you see In the Space Between whenever it is shown again so that you may explore the space between within yourself!"

"Absolutely breathtaking! Really loved the use of the fabrics within the piece and how beautifully they used the space. Victoria's vision is just exquisite!"

"I was very impressed by the show! The choreography was creative and beautifully executed." 

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