ABOUT Welcome to the VLA DANCE store. Our vision is to see VLA DANCE become a sustainable full-time dance company in Boston that utilizes dance as a unique avenue for education and community advocacy. While donations can always be made to support VLA DANCE, we are happy to offer apparel that will fund our programming, support our artists directly, and further our vision. 


We create apparel that is thoughtfully sourced and locally made so that you can trust that what you are wearing is high quality. 

VLA DANCE is a member of Boston Dance Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization. Contributions in support of VLA DANCE's work are greatly appreciated and may be made to Boston Dance Alliance, Inc., earmarked for "VLA DANCE." All contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

MASKS Hand made by Mitzi Eppley,  VLA DANCE company dancer and costume designer, we are excited to announce the VLA DANCE Masks. These masks are created with input of Boston area surgeons and seamstresses and include three layers of fabric recommended by the CDC; 2 layers of cotton or cotton-linen and one layer of flannel (as electrostatic barrier). Complete with an encased wire setting to comfortably fit over your nose and to minimize air leakage, these are highly thoughtful masks designed for your safety. 


Sourcing Information The outer fabric is purchased from Massachusetts local fabric store, Gather Here founded by Virginia B. Johnson. You can learn more about Mitzi and her mask process here.